team pic 2016

2016 Softball Team
Includes - Katie Paulsen, Grace Palubicki, Jessica Slowik, Tori Franer, Makayla Siebers, Brenna DeNamur, Molli Morrison, Hope Wheeler, Kenzie Novak, Erika Briggs

The 2016 season was my 10th year as head coach, and throughout that time I have learned many important lessons.  First off, softball is a lot harder than people think.  It takes a lot of practice and more than that, it takes heart!  I have had many good teams throughout the years, but what I really hope that the 2016 team learned was that to be a great team you need to work together and want to play together.  I also hope they learned that even though they may not have won many games, they showed me how much heart they did have.  There are very few teams that can go a season with 9 players, we did have to cancel one game, but none of them gave up.  I had players taped up, sleeping before games to try to get rid of colds, bruises, pulled muscles; you name it, they pushed through it.  Some of them because they love the game, others because they respect their teammates and don't want to let them or myself down.  With all that being said I really hope they realize how excited I am to coach the 2017 season.  We have lost only 2 players and we are gaining many more.  I hope they can teach the new players what it means to be a softball player and I really hope that all that heart comes out this season and allows us to have a great year.